Request Permission to use the PayPal Brand

Welcome. We’re glad you are interested in using the PayPal brand, and we are happy to help you use it correctly (within the rules that is)! The PayPal brand is highly valued and important to our customers. For that reason, there are some uses we don’t allow and some that need our OK. This site will walk through a simple process to get you what you need.

These uses are generally allowed, but you need to get the OK from us first

References to PayPal as a client or customer on a website or in marketing materials, together with other clients or customers

PayPal in advertising content, where PayPal is not the main focus of the ad

PayPal in television, film productions, or music

PayPal as a sponsor at an event or conference, where a valid contract is in place

PayPal in educational materials or books

Uses of the PayPal brand which are typically not OK

Featuring the PayPal brand as the main content of a piece of marketing material (digital or print)

Promotional materials (merchandise, apparel) that feature the PayPal logo exclusively and over sized

Using PayPal in a domain name

Using the PayPal brand in any manner that implies endorsement, sponsorship, or partnership (unless you have a valid contract in place and content has been approved by an internal PayPal team that you are working with)

Materials that feature the PayPal logo more prominently than other logos

Ready to make a request? Let’s get started.

Please resubmit your request in 12 months if you still require permission. We look forward to hearing from you then.

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