Terms and Conditions

Should we approve your request, your right to use the PayPal Marks will be subject to the following terms:
  • The permission is personal to you and may not be sublicensed or assigned. Nor may any duty be delegated. Any attempt to sublicense, assign, or delegate any right or duty absent PayPal’s written approval is void.
  • The permission is limited to the approved use only, expires one year from the date of grant, and may be revoked or modified at any time.  Upon expiration or earlier termination of the permission, you agree to promptly remove the PayPal Marks.
  • The permission granted is on “AS IS” basis, and you agree to indemnify PayPal against claims arising out of your use of the PayPal Marks.
  • You may not modify the PayPal Marks without PayPal’s prior written approval.
  • You may not make any claims that your products or services are sponsored or endorsed by PayPal.
  • You may not form any combination marks with the PayPal Marks.
  • You agree to use only the most current PayPal Marks, as provided by PayPal.
  • The quality of your products and services bearing the PayPal Marks shall conform to quality you have maintained heretofore and to quality standards equal to or better than those applicable in the industry in which the goods and services are offered.
  • You agree, that in case of a dispute, the laws of the United States and the State of California will apply, and any legal proceedings will be commenced and maintained in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.